Employers and jobs

Who can you work for?

More than 1,340 organizations of all sizes hire UVic co-op students. You could work for a wide range of employers, including:

  • federal, provincial or municipal governments
  • large multinational companies
  • small businesses
  • non-profit organizations
  • community, arts and culture organizations
  • the University of Victoria itself

Employers are located in Victoria, across Canada and around the world—many international co-op opportunities are available.

Have a dream employer in mind? You can also pursue your own ideal work term by approaching an employer and asking if they'll take you on as a co-op student. Your co-op office will be happy to support you in making connections.

What kinds of co-op jobs can you do?

The types of co-op jobs you can do depend on your program and your level of experience. You can apply to any co-op jobs you see posted on Learning in Motion or seek out your own position. Depending on the job, there may even be some flexibility in tailoring your job description or working on particular types of projects if you express this interest to your employer. This would be at the discretion of your co-op employer.

For a sample of past employers and co-op jobs for your field of study, please see co-op information by program or our student stories.