Section 11: Internet

Internet terminology and style is rapidly evolving and in many cases there is no accepted standard. For consistency, our authority for Internet terminology is the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.

11.1 Email and web addresses

Email addresses should appear as follows.

Web addresses that include the “www” prefix need not include the protocol prefix “http://” unless they are used in a context that includes other web addresses that do require a protocol prefix.

Always include the preceding protocol when the address in question links to an ftp site or does not contain the www prefix.

11.2 Punctuation

Normal punctuation should be used after a URL.

Further information is available at

Try to avoid breaking a line of text in the middle of a URL. If it is necessary to break a line of text in the middle of a URL, do so after a slash.

11.3 Spelling and capitalization

For spelling and capitalization of common internet-related words, please see Appendix B: Word List and the Canadian Oxford Dictionary.