Information about bargaining at UVic

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CUPE 917

Employees of the athletic department, food services, grounds maintenance and janitorial employees, security officers and tradespeople are represented by CUPE 917 in collective bargaining with UVic.

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UVic employee at her desk

CUPE 951

Office employees, library assistants, technicians, nurses and child care workers are represented by CUPE 951 in collective bargaining with UVic.

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Science lab instructor with students

CUPE 4163 (Components 1 & 2)

Teaching assistants, lab assistants, French and English language instructors and community leaders are among employees represented by CUPE 4163 (1 & 2) in collective bargaining with UVic.

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A UVic sessional instructor teaching in a classroom

CUPE 4163 (Component 3)

Sessional instructors, continuing instructors and music performance instructors are employees represented by CUPE 4163 (Component 3) in collective bargaining with UVic.

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Faculty Association

Regular faculty, limited-term faculty appointments and librarians are represented by the Faculty Association in collective bargaining with UVic.

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Professional Employees Association (PEA)

Administrative and academic professional employees are represented by the Professional Employees Association (PEA) in collective bargaining with UVic.

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This site is intended to provide information on:

  • The university's upcoming negotiations with its various employee groups.
  • Progress on negotiations at UVic and in other publicly-funded sectors.
  • The principles which underlie the university's approach to bargaining.
  • The provincial rules under which university negotiations must operate.

The university anticipates entering bargaining in early 2019 with all unions up for renewal of collective agreements consistent with the 2019 provincial bargaining Sustainable Services Negotiating Mandate (see below). These collective agreements all expire in 2019.

The bargaining groups

BC bargaining mandate

Since 1993, bargaining in the BC public sector has been governed by mandates established by the provincial government. In the 2019 round of bargaining of its collective agreements, the university will be negotiating under the provincial 2019 "Sustainable Services Negotiating Mandate" that allows for general wage increases of 6 per cent over a three-year term.

2019 Sustainable Services Negotiating Mandate

  • The Sustainable Services Negotiating Mandate applies to all public sector employers with unionized employees whose collective agreements expire on or after Dec. 31, 2018.
  • The Sustainable Services Negotiating Mandate is about improving the delivery of services for people in BC, and balancing the need for fair and reasonable wage increases with outcomes that are affordable and managed within the fiscal plan.
  • The Mandate is designed to support government’s core priorities and enhance and modernize the delivery of services that British Columbians rely on. 
  • It ensures the fiscal sustainability of our province while providing fair compensation.

Elements of the Sustainable Services mandate:

  • Three-year term.
  • General wage increases of 2 per cent in each year.
  • Ability to negotiate conditional and modest funding that can be used to drive tangible service improvements for British Columbians. An example would be targeted funds to address existing, chronic labour market challenges where employers need to meet service delivery commitments or changes that achieve service enhancements such as innovations, modernization or efficiencies.

For additional information on the bargaining mandates, please visit the Public Sector Employers' Council Secretariat website.