Social media integration

There are many ways to use your websites to promote your social media accounts.


Social media links in the footer of the page

At the bottom of every UVic website is a list of that department's social media accounts.

When you start working on your site, it will be set up with four UVic's social media accounts as an example. Don't forget to customize this information for your department!

Home page

Social media on the homepage

Some departments choose to feature their social media on their home pages using tabs. You can change which tab is at the front.

This is a good choice if you place a lot of emphasis on social media, especially those with good visuals like YouTube, Instagram or Flickr. You can also display a Twitter feed in one of the tabs. See these examples of social media integration:

Supporting content

Twitter feed

This is a very prominent way to feature social media, as it will show up on every page.

On computers, this content will show up on the right side of every page. On mobile devices, it will be displayed at the bottom.

This is a great place to include a Twitter feed if you post updates at least a few times a week. We've developed a Twitter widget you can use on your UVic site. It was designed to work well in the most common places it's used in the UVic template.

Sometimes departments also include links to other social media accounts here. A few examples are:

Social media page

Social media page

If social media is a high priority for your department, consider creating a social media page. This can be linked from every page in your site, just like "Contact us" and "News and events." One example is:


For help displaying social media on your website, please come to a weekly drop-in session.