VPFO Service Excellence Committee

SE Committee on Grass

In June 2015, all VPFO staff were invited to participate in the "Creating a Culture of Service Excellence" survey. Thanks to input from many VPFO leaders, three themes were identified from the survey results as opportunities for further attention going forward: (1) coaching and feedback, (2) vision of leadership, and (3) long-term employee engagement. A VPFO Service Excellence Committee has been formed to develop initiatives in these areas, beginning with employee coaching and feedback.

About the Committee:

This committee is responsible for exploring, developing, and (once approved by the VPFO) implementing initiatives that contribute to service excellence. It welcomes members of varying experience/rank (ie, front line employees, emerging leaders, current leaders), so that it can obtain a diversity of perspectives. The committee meets monthly for 1 hour, and forms sub-committees as required to carry-out specific activities.

Committee Members:

Adam Taylor, Office of the VPFO

Alexis Osmond, Campus Security

Chandra Beaveridge, Office of the VPFO

Colin Newell, Univeristy Systems

Darryl Johnson, Facilities Management

Emily Boulter, Campus Security

Ian Jones, Pensions

Juliet Van Vliet, Planning and Sustainability

Kelly Simpson, Human Resources

Leigh Andersen, Facilities Management

Lotte van den Dam, University Systems

Mark Stephenson, Treasury

Melissa Joyce, Research Accounting

Sarah Howe, Human Resources

Scott Thompson, University Systems

Sinead Mitton, Univeristy Systems

Yasmin KathradaHuman Resources