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TUKTUUYAQTUUQ (Caribou Crossing): Maureen Gruben

In Maureen Gruben's careful attention to life-sustaining physical elements, she alsotraces the caribou's vast immaterial presence in her culture.

Senate Committee on Academic Standards meets to approve Convocation lists

Pronunciation Clinic

An ITACC workshop

To Fish As Formerly: A Story of Straits Salish Resurgence

To Fish as Formerlytells the story of the SX̱OLE (the Reef Net Fishery) through contemporary art, traditional knowledge and historical documentation.

Barriers to Diversity in Wikipedia: The Importance of the Worlds We Don’t Know About

We've seen monolithic narratives in action: they can form parties, they can create countries. However, in a world collapsing from climate change and social inequalities, we need to do better thanthat. We need to embrace diversity, and in order to care, we ought to learn. Wikipedia, as one of the most visited websites in the world, could be a good place to start. The bad news is it is notquite there yet. The good news is we can do something about it. In this talk, UVic's Honorary Resident Wikipedian, Silvia Gutiérrez De la Torre, will address barriers to diversity in Wikipedia. Thispublic lecture is sponsored by UVic Libraries and the Electronic Textual Cultures Lab.

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Election Preview: Global Politics Under a Second Trump or a First Biden Administration

In-person Noon Meditation

We practice a simple mantra meditation to: still the mind & reduce stress, nurtureinner awareness, and foster mindfulness. Open to Faculty and Staff. This is a drop-in program, with a limited seating capacity.