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[N] University of Victoria Men’s Golf vs Vikes Shootout Day 2

University of Victoria Women’s Golf vs Vikes Shootout Day 2

Catholic Mass & Devotion

For Catholics the celebration of the Mass is the continuation of the Jesus' loving offer of himself and considered the source and summit of our faith.
Catholic Mass - Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays
Catholic Devotion - Monday


Take an afternoon break to enjoy a concert of varied repertoire and instruments featuring UVic School of Music students.

Strong Paragraphs

Strong Paragraphs: Unity, Coherence, and Flow

This workshop covers the basic principles of creating good organization and flow within and between paragraphs. We'll look at what to include in different types of paragraphs, how to improve flowand readability, and how to make your points clearly and concisely.

Challenges of Listening Comprehension in the Classroom

This session provides some tips on how to better understand classroom speech delivered in a variety of English accents, styles, and speeds. We will discuss different challenging listening situations in the classroom and practice techniques to increase listening comprehension in those situations.

Sacred Ecology

In our Sacred Ecology gatherings, we explore creative ways to cultivate hope in ourselves and the planet. Take a break in the week to reconnect with the wonder of the natural world.