University Systems help centre Content Migration

The "build-your-own website" service at the University of Victoria will be replaced by a new service. Sites on the existing service will become inaccessible on July 31, 2018. Students with existing websites will need to migrate content they wish to keep to the new service. Please follow the instructions below to migrate content:

1. Ensure that you have downloaded and installed a Secure File Transfer client, such as Cyberduck.

2. Connect to using the SFTP client. With Filezilla, this can be done by specifying the following, and clicking the Quickconnect button:

  • Host:
  • Username: yourNetlinkID
  • Password: yourNetlinkIDpassphrase
  • Port: 22

Required fields for SFTP Connection

3. Download the contents of the /www/ and /www-dev/ directories at This can be done using Filezilla by navigating in the 'Local site' pane to a directory you wish the /www/ and /www-dev/ contents to be copied to. Then, one at a time right-click on the /www/ and /www-dev/ folders in the 'Remote site' pane, and select the Download option.

Downloading content via SFTP

4. Connect to with the following details specified in your SFTP client*:

  • Host:
  • Username: yourNetlinkID
  • Password: yourNetlinkIDpassphrase
  • Port: 22

5. Upload the content from the /www/ that was downloaded from, to the /www/ directory. 

*NOTE: Access to will only be available through the on campus and VPN networks.