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Install Symantec Endpoint Protection for home use: Windows

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) provides protection against viruses, worms, Trojans, and other malware. Symantec is available for free to UVic faculty and staff.

  1. Visit our Software distribution page and download the correct version of Symantec Endpoint Protection for your computer. You will have to authenticate with a primary NetLink ID and passphrase. To determine if you are running 32- or 64-bit Windows, click on the Windows icon, right click on Computer, then select Properties.

    Windows system information

  2. After you have downloaded the installation file, navigate to where you saved the file and double click the Symantec Endpoint Protection .exe icon to begin the installation.
    Symantec Endpoint Protection.exeSymantec Endpoint Protection.exe

  3. If prompted, click Run.

    Click Run

  4. Choose where you wish the save the application by clicking the [...] icon. We recommend creating a new folder in your Program Files called "Symantec." Whatever you choose, ensure that you can navigate to it later. Once you have selected an appropriate place for the files, click Extract.


  5. Wait while Windows extracts the files. When it's finished, click Close.


  6. If you are not currently running the computer as the administrator, you will be prompted to Restart the program as an administrator. You may also be asked for the computer administrator's login and passphrase.

    Restart the program as an administrator

  7. Navigate to the location specified in step 4 (i.e. Program Files > Symantec) and double click on the Setup.exe file.

    Click Setup.exe

  8. The Installation Wizard for Symantec Endpoint Protection Client will begin. Click Next.

    Click Next

  9. Read and accept the terms of the license agreement. Then click Next.

    Accept the license agreement

  10. Select Unmanaged client. Then click Next.

    Select Unmanaged client

  11. Select a setup type. We recommend Typical. Then click Next.

    Select Typical

  12. Choose whether or not you want to automatically forward anonymous security information to Symantec. This is recommended by Symantec but is completely optional. Then click Next.

    Click Next

  13. If you are satisfied with your installation instructions, click Install.

    Click Install

  14. Wait while the Symantec Endpoint Protection Client is installed.


  15. The LiveUpate Status will run. This ensures your Symantec is up to date and patched.


  16. You will need to close all other applications and restart your computer before installation can finalize. Ensure any opened documents are saved and then click Restart Now.

    Click Next

  17. When your computer reboots, Windows will finish configuring Symantec Endpoint. When the installation is complete, you will notice the Symantec icon in your tray (in the bottom-right corner of your screen).

    Symantec icon

  18. If you right click on the icon and open Symantec, you will notice various options for protecting your computer. Note the LiveUpdate... option; it should be run once a week to ensure your Symantec is fully updated.

    Symantec Endpoint Protection Status

Installation is complete.