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Shredding a document permanently using PGP: Windows

Follow these instructions to permanently delete files and folders from your hard drive. This is a great option for sensitive files that no longer needed to be stored on your computer.

Please note that only local files (files stored on your computer) can be deleted permanently using PGP. Files stored on a server or shared network drive (e.g. Netdrive) cannot be deleted using this method.

  1. If it's not already running, start PGP Desktop.

    Run PGP

  2. The PGP Shredder icon will appear on your desktop.

    PGP Shredder icon

  3. Click and drag a file into the PGP Shredder (the same way you would click and drag a file into the Recycle Bin). Alternatively, you can right click on the file, select PGP Desktop, and then click "PGP Shred [document]".

    PGP Shred

  4. A confirmation message will pop up. Please note there is no way to retrieve this file ever again if you choose to shred it, so be absolutely sure you no longer need the file before clicking Yes.

    PGP Shred

  5. If the file is larger, you may see a progress bar. Otherwise, the file will simply delete from your hard drive.

    PGP Shred

If for any reason your file is unable to shred, you will receive a Files/folders failed to shred pop-up message. Please note that files stored on shared network drives (e.g.. Netdrive) cannot be shredded using PGP.

PGP Shred