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Create a rule: Outlook Web App

This example of using OWA to create a rule shows the creation of a rule designed to redirect specific messages from one account to another. To create a rule to forward all meeting requests and updates to a single account:

  1. Open Internet Explorer web browser and navigate to
  2. Login to the account that you wish to never receive meeting invitation and updates.
  3. Click on the Options button, located on the top-right portion of the page.
  4. Click on Rules, located on the left navigation bar.
  5. Click on New Rule and select Create a new rule for arriving messages from the drop-down menu.

  6. You will be prompted with a notification window informing you that you must delete any rules that have been disabled before you can use Outlook Web Access to create a new rule. Click on Delete Disabled Rules. The rules wizard dialog box will open.

  7. Click on the link labeled Forward or Redirect... and select Redirect the message to people or distribution lists.

  8. In the Rule Description area, click on the link labelled People or distribution lists to open the Global Address Book and select the account to which you wish to redirect the message.
  9. Click on the link labelled If the message is... and select A meeting invitation or an update to a meeting.

  10. Click on Move, copy, or delete... and select Delete the message from the drop-down menu.

The rule is now complete. Be sure to click the Save button when finished.