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Activate Out of Office Assistant: Outlook Web App

  1. Log on to Outlook Web App at using your NetLink ID and password.
  2. Click the Options link located on the top-right corner and from the pull down menu select Set Automatic Replies.

  3. Click the Send automatic replies button. Note that you now also have the option to specify the start and end date for when you will be out of the office. If you do not specify a date, the out of office message will commence as soon as you click on Save and will not change until you undo your selection.
  4. Enter the message you wish to send to mail senders who attempt to contact you during your absence. Note that you have the option to specify different messages for internal users (UVic mail users) and external mail users.
  5. Enter the text you wish to be included in the reply message.
  6. Click on Save in the bottom right corner to save your settings.