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Technology Solutions Centre: Standard Computers

What makes a standard computer?

Standard Computers consist of:

  • carefully evaluated and tested hardware that can be encrypted (TPM chip) and warranty serviced on campus
  • a secure software image including Windows 10 Enterprise, Microsoft Office 2016, and Symantec Endpoint Protection, that is ready to connect to enterprise services such as Active Directory (allowing you to log on with your NetLink-ID and password) and BitLocker (to encrypt your hard drive)
  • a preferred supplier who maintains local inventory for the quickest possible delivery to campus

How are standard computers chosen?

All TSC standard computers undergo an evaluation process prior to selection. We focus on hardware quality, compatibility with our campus computing environment, and overall user experience for each model. The TSC reviews new models on an annual basis to coincide with manufacturer hardware refreshes, and endeavours to make the transition to new standards as seamless as possible for end users.

For more information about our selection process, see the methodolgy page on the iTSC blog.

Why buy a standard?

TSC standard computers are compatible with UVic's enterprise computing environment, including applications like FAST, BANNER, and the Exchange email/calendaring services. They meet hardware and software requirements for data security through use of centrally-managed Windows Bitlocker whole disk encryption, and each model has a regularly maintained custom UVic Windows 10 image. All of our standard computers can be warranty serviced by certified in-house technicians, who ensure that confidential data never leaves campus.

What is the UVic Windows image?

The UVic Windows image is configured from software provided directly from Microsoft and not from any of our manufacturer partners. Each model has a regularly maintained image that is tested for compatibility with UVic's enterprise applications, and includes all necessary hardware drivers and software updates needed for typical campus computing. Our images are security reviewed, have been independantly audited, and meet the requirements for the University's data security policies.

The standard image comes with site-licensed software like Microsoft Office 2016, Symantec Endpoint Protection, and the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client. Every application or utility included in the image has been vetted and properly configured for enterprise use.

What does the warranty cover?

All TSC standard computers are covered under a 3-Year Onsite warranty that includes parts and labour, and Keep Your Drive service. Any current or former TSC standard computer still under warranty can be serviced by UVic staff.

Lenovo ThinkPad and ThinkCentre computers have Depot Service warranties with Keep Your Hard Drive service and Accidental Damage Protection, and can be repaired by our on-site technicians. To check the status of your warranty, you can use Lenovo's Warranty Lookup tool.

Dell Latitude and OptiPlex computers have ProSupport warranties, and can be repaired by our on-site technicians. To check the status of your warranty, you can use Dell's Warranty Status tool.

Keep Your Drive service is offered by both Lenovo and Dell, and ensures that any hard drives from TSC standard computers do not have to be returned to the manufacturer in case of warranty repair. UVic retains ownership of damaged or retired hard drives, and University Systems disposes of them safely and securely. The TSC recommends adding this service onto all institutional computers in order to limit potential data security issues.

Please contact the Computer Help Desk or TSC to arrange for warranty service for your standard computer.