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Update to AD2515 and FM5105 Technical Approval: If you have been directed to the Technology Solutions Centre to receive technical approval for an institutional purchase (this includes equipment purchased with research grant money), please read the Institutional Acquisition and Standardization of Information Technology Devices (AD2515) and Purchasing Services Policy (FM5105) Activity Flow Diagram.

WARNING: The Apple Store for Education Institution has very restrictive return terms. You will only be able to return products that are defective or the result of a shipping error by Apple. Please order carefully and if you have any doubt as to what you are ordering, contact us for assistance.

  1. Visit the Apple Store for Education Institution for the University of Victoria at the Apple Store for Education Institution.     Note:  It is not necessary to register.

    apple order 1
  2. Enter University of Victoria for Company/Institution and select British Columbia as the Province Name from the drop down and click the Search button.  The only result will be for the University of Victoria as shown in this example.

    apple order 2
  3. Select Browse as Guest beside the University of Victoria search result, which will take you to the online store. You can then look for the product(s) you are interested in on this website.  In this example, we are interested in an iMac.

    apple order 3
  4. Click Mac on the menu and then locate and click on the specific device you are looking for, in this example, an iMac.  You are taken to the select item page.

    apple order 4
  5. When you locate your item, add the Quantity desired and then click Add to Cart at the bottom of the page. This process can be repeated until all the products you want are added to your cart.

    apple order 5
  6. TSC strongly recommends AppleCare for all new Macs.  To add AppleCare, click the box for "I want to include this AppleCare Product", then click Update.

    apple order 6
  7. When you finish selecting all your items click on the link to Create Saved Cart, located at both the top and the bottom of the “Your Cart” page. This starts the check-out process.
    apple order 7
  8. Fill out the required information: Name, Institution Name, Phone Number and Email addresses. Copies of the PDF quote can also be sent to up to five other people at the same time.  Then click Submit.

    apple order 8
  9. Record the Saved Cart number, and be sure to include it in the comment field of the WebReq you create to order your Apple products. For this example the saved cart number is #2300139149.  Your quote will be emailed to you from Apple, and will take between 15-30 minutes to arrive in your inbox. Please attach the quote PDF to your WebReq and select Apple Canada Inc as the Vendor.

    apple order 9
  10. Upon completion, send the WebReq to the TSC as detailed in the workflow.