Update VoD to Echo360 media in Cascade

Note: University Communications + Marketing has recommendations for Cascade video hosting available on the University websites resource site.

Audiovisual and multimediaMedia Services

  1. Have your media uploaded into your Echo360 Media library, accessed through the Echo360 portal, https://echo360.ca. Use your email address to log in, e.g., netlinkID@uvic.ca.

    Echo360 login
  2. In your Echo360 Media Library, find the video you want to embed. Open it by double clicking on it. You can play the video to confirm it is the one you want. Find the share link below the video and click it to open the Share Settings pop-up window.

    Share button

  3. Click the Links button and Add Link.

    Add link

  4. Echo360 will create an Share Link. Click the Embed button.

    Embed button

  5. There's 3 options available to adjust: player window size, autoplay and automute. We recommend setting the player size to 320 x 249 to fit well in Cascade, keep autoplay off, and keep automute off. Copy the Embed link with the Copy button.

    Copy embed

  6. In Cascade, open the web page you wish to edit. Click on the source code editor to open the source code of your page. 

    Cascade source code button

  7. Find the place where your VoD media was embedded.  If you were using the old VoD Player Wizard, your code will look something like this:

    vod2echocms jwplayer
  8. Highlight from <!--#START-CODE to the end of #END-CODE--> and delete the old embed code.
  9. Paste in the new Echo360 embed code. Click Ok when you're done editing.

    Source code

  10. Click Preview to check your page.

    Cascade preview
  11. Publish when it's complete. 

Having trouble?

If you are having difficulty, please contact the UVic Computer Help Desk at 250-721-7687 or helpdesk@uvic.ca.