UVic's Draft Strategic Framework

Phase 2 consultation on the draft Strategic Framework is now complete.

Close to 1200 UVic community members, external supporters and partners took the time to download and read the framework. We received over 60 written submissions of feedback.

The priorities and strategies in the final draft will reflect the feedback we received from the first phase of consultations with the UVic community over the fall and winter of 2017-18, and the second phase, which took place from Feb. 7 to Mar. 2, 2018.

We are now focussing on analysing and incorporating that feedback, with the assistance of the Strategic Planning Advisory Group. Next steps include finalizing the framework, developing a design for the new framework, and seeking final approval from Senate and the Board of Governors.

Thank you for your particpation and engagement during the planning process! 

We will let the UVic community know as soon as the framework is approved.