Program requirements


The department offers Honours, Major, General and Minor programs leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Students interested in any of these programs are urged to consult the department Undergraduate Adviser as early as possible.

The Honours program is recommended for students planning to do graduate work in Sociology. The Major program permits students to pursue a variety of career options requiring baccalaureate-level training that require a specialization in Sociology. The General and Minor programs provide maximum flexibility in selection of courses in Sociology, but do not provide extensive coursework in methodology and theory.

Students with questions about the department's programs or courses may arrange to meet with a Sociology Undergraduate Adviser through the Sociology General Office in Cornett A333. Arrangements to meet with the Sociology Honours Adviser may also be made through the Sociology General Office.

Major program requirements

SOCI 210 or 308 is a prerequisite or a corequisite for SOCI 309

*Note: Students who have completed both SOCI 402 and 412 are not required to take any of the new 400 level courses, and students with only one of SOCI 402 or 412 can choose one of SOCI 430A-439B to complete the graduation requirement.

General and Minor program requirements