Current graduate students

PhD students:

Name Interests Supervisor     Email
Berard, Ashley Andre Smith Email
Dominic, Kimi (INTD) transgender studies; transgender community building; visual research methods; community-based participatory research; queer theory Aaron Devor / Andrea Walsh
Fadei, Iman Peyman Vahabzdeh Email
Farris, Tucker sociological theory with emphasis on symbolic interactionism and Pierre Bourdieu's Field Theory; sociology of knowledge with focus on social influences on knowledge production; exploratory multivariate analyses (qualitative methods, multiple correspondence analysis); intersectionality of institutions and individual actors in society; history of sociology Peyman Vahabzadeh Email     
Forsyth, Melissa qualitative research methods, sociology of health, marginalized populations, indigenous and global maternal health, midwifery, social determinants of health, sociology of inequality, poverty, maternity care access/equity, social justice, reproductive rights, sex work, feminist and critical theory, inter-sectional analysis, structural violence Cecilia Benoit
Glatt, Kora Liegh food sovereignty; alternative food networks; agrifood governance; decolonization Martha McMahon Email
Haq, Sabrina Kazi sociology of aging and health; racial disparities in cognitive impairment/dementia; health inequality; quantititive and mixed method research Margaret Penning
Khorramipour, Masoumeh (INTD) human rights, fair governance, marginalized civil society, sociology of religion, minority rights, social movements, political sociology, religion and state power, the role of religion for global human security, equality and peace, the attitudes of Muslim women as religious actors for justice, democracy and women's rights Min Zhou / Oliver Schmidtke
Lang, Mike social dimensions of water, water governance, political economy and political ecology, theories of capitalism and society (particularly neoliberalism), and critical pedagogy. William Carroll
Li, Grace Margaret Penning
Miller, Jason

Youth activism and leadership, climate justice movements, narrative politics, hegemony and ideological contestation, cultural studies, sports and politics, political and public sociology, discursive and narrative research methodologies, historical and “new” materialist theories of social change, critical thinking and radical imagination

William Carroll Email
Naderi, Sara post colonial studies, feminism theories, cultural studies, critical theories, theories of subjectivity, psychoanalysis theories Peyman Vahabzadeh / Dorothy Smith
Nelems, Rebeccah indigenous theory, relationality, intersubjectivity, the Other, phenomenology, qualitative methodologies, social 'goods', indigenous resurgence, the Anthropocene and Western individualism Peyman Vahabzadeh
Outcalt, Linda (INTD)

representations of age and aging in popular culture and Western media; ageism and intergenerational relations; neoliberalism; and visual research methods

Neena Chappell / Mary Kerr

Parker, Lindsay Helga Hallgrimsdottir
Roddick, Manda institutional ethnography; social organization of health care; global citizenship; international development; global poverty; and youth NGOs William Carroll / Dorothy Smith
Unsworth, Roisin Cecilia Benoit Email
Vaghefi, Sanam sociology of health inequalities; the representation of asylum seekers and refugees; access to healthcare for asylum seekers in a global context Margaret Penning / Karen Kobayashi
Zavitz, Tayler Political Sociology and Social Movements, with a specific focus on the historical and current repression of animal activism in Canada, the expanding criminalization of dissent, and what this means for the future of animal activism in Canada Peyman Vahabzadeh / Maneesha Deckha

Master's students:

Name Interests Supervisor   Email
Annan, Jes deviance, crime, social control, gender, sexuality, and social stratification William Carroll
Barton-Bridges, Rachael Bruce Ravelli Email
Bernard, Alison Andre Smith Email
Berkan Hozempa, Chandra qualitative research design and methodology; critical realism; interpretivism; feminism; social inequality; women and women's issues; mental health; immigration; urbanization; participatory action based research/action based research; intersectionality. Andre Smith
Bethune, Keely Garry Gray
Block, Kelsey Steve Garlick Email
Canatella, Alanna Min Zhou Email
Deschner, Finn Garry Gray Email
Dwyer, Sasha Tamara Humphrey
Flegg, Conrad Peyman Vahabzadeh Email
Ganguly, Shreyashi humour, identity politics, media, micropolitical intervention, intersectional feminism, carnivalesque Bill Carroll Email
Hammoud, Zeinab Peyman Vahabzadeh Email
Haupt, Alexandra community-engaged learning, experiential learning, sociology of education, pedagogy, community-based research, higher education pedagogies, qualitative methodologies, intersectionality, feminism, sociology of sport Bruce Ravelli Email
Holland, Theo collective responsibility, prejudice, critical race theory, virtue theory, feminism and collective epistemologies. Peyman Vahabzadeh
Jenkins, Adam Tamara Humphrey Email
Jesperson, Talya Bill Carroll Email
Karimi, Mandana Peyman Vahabzadeh Email
Kostuchuk, Jen human rights; transgender studies; qualitative methodologies; intersectionality; social justice; workplace discriminination; gendered violence; emotional labour; victimization; surface acting; marginalized populations Aaron Devor Email
Law, Jayna Min Zhou Email
Maurice, Renay
McNeill-Knowles, Fiona Martha McMahon Email
Mills, John Min Zhou Email
Murdoch, Isolde refugee and migration studies; critical discourse analysis; media content analysis; sociology of media; race and ethnicity; social inequality; crime and deviance Karen Kobayashi
Nadal, Samantha Andre Smith Email
Revilla Sanchez, Sarah gendered violence, Latin American feminism, masculinity studies, postcolonial theory, popular culture, monstrous depictions of women, intersectionality Steve Garlick Email
Sharma, Gagan Andre Smith
Sonik-Henderson, Dyana Steve Garlick Email
Yang, Yalan Karen Kobayashi
Zinovich, Sasha Andre Smith Email