Emily Duggan

Emily Duggan
Office: On internship
Area of expertise

Clinical Psychology

Research interests

Ms. Duggan’s primary research program is aimed at developing valid and reliable neuropsychological tools and frameworks to examine complex and higher-order cognitive abilities (e.g., intelligence, executive functioning, creativity) in normative, cross-cultural, aging, and neuromedical cross-cultural populations. With international psychology integral to the work she does, Ms. Duggan is a team-leader of a multinational project examining epidemiologic associations between cognition and physical function in aging. Last year, she completed a research consulting internship in the field of industrial-organizational neuropsychology in Cali, Colombia and her doctoral research comprises series of projects contributing to intelligence assessment and screening in Latin America. On clinical internship at the Charleston Consortium at the Medical University of South Carolina and the Ralph H. Johnson Veterans Affairs Medical Center, she conducts research on the development of neuropsychological measures to detect mild cognitive impairment. She also is developing a practitioner training program for neuroimaging ratings. Outside of her research and clinical work, Ms. Duggan devotes herself to the mentorship of women in science.


Representative publications

Duggan, E. C., Loaiza, C. C., Awakon, L. M., Irurita, I., & Garcia-Barrera, M. A. (2018). Contributing towards a cultural neuropsychology assessment decision-making framework: Comparison of WAIS-IV norms from Colombia, Chile, Mexico, Spain, United States, and Canada. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology, forthcoming.

Duggan, E. C., Garcia-Barrera, M. A., & Müller, U. (2018). Derivation, replication and validity analyses of a screener for the behavioral assessment of executive functions in young adults. Assessment, 25(7), 867-884. doi:10.1177/1073191116670511

Duggan, E. C. & Garcia-Barrera, M. A. (2015). Executive functioning and intelligence. In S. Goldstein, J. A. Naglieri, & D. Princiotta (Eds.), Handbook of intelligence: Evolutionary theory, historical perspective, and current concepts (pp. 435-458). New York: Springer. doi:10.1007/978-1-4939-1562-0_27


Representative presentations

Duggan, E. C., Piccinin, A. M., Robitaille, A., Zammit, A. R., Muniz-Terrera, G. (Accepted). A multi-study coordinated meta-analysis of pulmonary function and cognition in aging. In S. M. Hofer (Chair), Symposium: On the interdependence of aging-related changes in physical and cognitive functioning: Design and analysis issues. To be presented November 17th, 2018 at the Gerontological Society of America Annual Scientific Meeting, Boston, MA.

Duggan, E. C., Loaiza, C. C., Awakon, L. M., Irurita, I., & Garcia-Barrera, M. A. (2017). A cross-cultural investigation of measuring IQ in a culturally-advantage sample from Colombia. Presented November 14th, 2017 at the Mellon Emerging Scholars Conference, Queens College CUNY, Queens, NY.  

Duggan, E. C., Moore, W. R., & Garcia-Barrera, M. A. (2016). Inhibitory control in bilinguals with and without musical training: A pilot study. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 22(S1), 6. doi:10.1017/S1355617716000734


Recent awards

  • Anne Anastasi Graduate Student Research Award, Division 52 International Psychology, APA, 2018
  • National Psychologist Trainee Register Credentialing Scholarship, National Register of Health Service Psychologists, 2018
  • Norma Wilson Graduate Scholarship, University of Victoria, 2017
  • Mitacs Globalink Partnership Award, 2017
  • Robert Michael Peet Graduate Scholarship, University of Victoria, 2016
  • President’s Research Scholarship, University of Victoria, 2016
  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, 2015-2018
  • Alzheimer Society Canada Research Program Doctoral Award (declined), 2015
  • Arthur Lester Benton Award for Neuropsychology, University of Victoria, 2014