Jordan Ali

Jordan Ali
Office: COR A135
Area of expertise

Clinical psychology

Research interests

My research generally relates to pathological cognitive decline in older adults and potentially prodromal forms of dementia and neurocognitive disorder (e.g., subjective cognitive decline (SCD), mild cognitive impairment (MCI)). My current work aims to elucidate the relationships between qualitative complaints, genetic risk biomarkers, objective cognitive-neuropsychological test performance, and risk for eventual conversion to dementia.  More specifically, I am using mixed-methods to extract multi-dimensional “risk profiles” for individuals with various degrees of dementia risk. It is hoped that this work may be extended into the development of an early dementia-risk screening tool for frontline clinicians. My past work has focused more explicitly on older adults with MCI and describing the psychological, emotional, and social sequelae of this condition in relation to the grief associated with other stressful life events. Some of my other notable research interests include qualitative and mixed research methods, normative and non-normative aging, self-concept and the resolution of threats to identity (following health adversity), traumatic brain injury, and neurorehabilitation.