Nathan Bennett, PhD Alumnus, wins Conservation Award

Nathan J. Bennett, postdoctoral fellow in the Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries’ OceanCanada Partnership, has won the Society for Conservation Biology (SCB)’s 2018 Early Career Conservationist award.

Dr. Bennett was nominated by SCB’s Social Sciences Working Group, and won for his leadership in advancing the role of social science on conservation policy. SCB noted that his research had provided critical insights into the role of indigenous people in conservation in Canada, the relationship between small-scale fishers and marine protected areas in Thailand and the Mediterranean Sea, and the effective and equitable governance of marine protected areas globally.

His nominators said of him: “Dr. Bennett is exceptional in his leadership skills and ability to bring diverse stakeholders, academics and policy makers together to discuss important conservation issues. Further, he has made extensive efforts to help further the incorporation of social science and human dimensions considerations in global conservation policy and practice.” One also called him a “talented and dedicated early-career scholar, [who] has done more for conservation governance than any early (let alone later) scholars than I know or can imagine.”