Dan Smith's 500th and final issue of GeogNews

Longtime Faculty member and former president of the Canadian Association of Geographers, Dan Smith, has released the final and 500th issue of Geog News, the news digest of the CAG. The Department would like to take this opportunity to recognize Dan for the outstanding role he has played for the CAG, and for geography in Canada generally.  This is a remarkable accomplishment, and a fitting legacy. As quoted from the issue editorial:

"This issue of GeogNews is the last. I decided some time ago that 500 issues of anything is more than enough for any one person. GeogNews began in 2008 while I had the privilege of serving as President of the Canadian Association of Geographers. Perhaps to the chagrin of Executive Members at the time, I did not seek out or receive permission to begin an enterprise that I saw as essential for communication with members of the Association. Nonetheless, I will confess to having not thought through the possibility that I would still be compiling items for the digest ten years later! I would like to thank members of the Association who generously allowed me to freely present items and news stories that I thought might be of interest to the Canadian geographical community – and beyond..."
Read the full final issue and Dan's editorial from June 7th, here.