Research news

BC climate plan leaves massive gap.

The Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions (PICS), Pembina Institute and Clean Energy Canada released the first independent assessment of British Columbia’s Climate Leadership Plan in combination with the federal government’s recently announced carbon price schedule. The analysis, prepared by Navius Research, projects that the combined carbon pollution from LNG and natural gas, industry and utilities, transport, and buildings will increase until 2030 and remain above current levels until at least 2050. Carbon pollution from these sources is forecast to hit 66 megatonnes (Mt) in 2050, compared to the province’s legislated target of 12.6 Mt.

Declining muskrats in the delta.

"The main thing we've been hearing over and over for several years now is that the muskrats are really depleted," said Chanda Brietzke, a biologist (ES Master Candidate) from the University of Victoria researching muskrats in the territory's Mackenzie Delta region. Since 2013, she's made several trips to the delta to conduct aerial and ground surveys, live trapping and collecting muskrat carcasses for examination.