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L. Steg

What's Psychology Got To Do With It?

Linda Steg
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Date: November 18, 2021
“Climate change is caused by human behavior, and can thus be reduced when more people more consistently engage in climate action. Many approaches to encourage climate action target extrinsic motivation, by offering incentives that change personal costs and benefits of behaviour. I will explain why such approaches are not always as effective as assumed.  I discuss factors and strategies that can strengthen individuals’ intrinsic motivation to engage in sustainable behaviour. Intrinsically motivated people engage in climate action without being coerced or incentivised, even when these actions are somewhat costly, as doing so is meaningful and makes them feel good."

I.S. MacLaren

"'a grate acation': The Environments of Fort Victoria in 1847 according to 'Bushway' Paul Kane (aka Paolo Canoe, Red Porcupine) and unknown Others"

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Ross Thompson

Beyond conservation : facing the reality of biodiversity in a human-dominated world

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Sigrid Adriaenssens

Resilient and sustainable structural forms

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James MacKinnon

Rewilding Victoria: Remembering and Restoring Nature in the City

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