About Us

As a 'School', the School of Environmental Studies (ENVI) is by definition set apart from the conventional 'department' structure of the University. Our faculty are drawn from an array of disciplines that inform environmental knowledge. Like the hub of a wheel, 'ecology' is integral as evidenced by the dominant themes within the School; Ethnoecology, Political Ecology, and Ecological Restoration. Some of us focus on fundamental ecological processes while others engage questions at the environment-human interface.

The unique richness of ENVI is driven by the work of one influencing the work of others, typically across disciplinary boundaries. It is our collective position that environmental issues must be rigorously diagnosed by high quality science; however, causation is almost always rooted in political, social and/or economic spheres. Suffice to say that to restrict inquiry solely to the ecological domain is equivalent to treating the symptoms while ignoring the disease. The capacity of ENVI faculty and students to illuminate the full spectrum of relationships around an issue also provides the light necessary to see solutions that otherwise would remain hidden. By virtue of our multidisciplinary community of scholars and shared commitment to driving demonstrable change, the School of Environmental Studies is unique at UVic and across Canada as a premier incubator of tomorrow's environmental leaders.