Economics Annual Award Ceremony 2022

Congratulations to the 2022 UVic Economics Department Award Winners!

Sean Wilson – awarded the Economics Alumni Undergraduate Scholarship ($1200) for top academic performance in fourth year Economics courses
In his 4th year of studies, Sean earned an average course grade of 94.83 across ECON 400, 401, 416, 452, 465, and 499. (Sean effectively took 7 courses at the 400-level because ECON 499 is the Honours Seminar which effectively counts for two courses.) He completed these courses in the Winter 2021/22 session with an outstanding Sessional GPA of 8.75. His cumulative undergraduate GPA is 7.67. Sean has excelled in our most challenging upper-level courses and through his undergraduate degree. Sean has completed all the course requirements for an Honours BSc in Economics with a minor in Physics and is graduating in June 2022.

Maryjane Brown – awarded the Ken Avio Honours Prize ($100) for best honours thesis
Maryjane Brown’s thesis models the behaviour of firms cooperating and colluding in the development and production of vaccines during a pandemic. Adapting the classic Susceptible-Infected-Recovered model from epidemiology, Maryjane uses sophisticated mathematical modelling to describe the conditions under which regulators should allow firms to cooperate, in spite of the costs of market power that may result. Her thesis is timely and innovative and makes an important contribution to the literature on vaccine research and development. —Dr. Cozzi and Dr. Martin

Sina Seyed Ali – awarded the Colin Jones Prize ($100) for academic excellence in the study of Canadian public policy
Sina received a grade of 100% in ECON 325 Public Economics; the highest score achievable.

Delphis Lamarche – awarded the Leonard Laudadio Prize ($100) for academic excellence in the study of environmental economics
Delphis Lamarche received a grade of A+ in Economics 481 and was consistently excellent in all aspects of the coursework. Delphis achieved this result while maintaining an excellent performance in all other courses too, and with a relatively heavy course load. Delphis is a worthy recipient of the Leoanard Laudadio Prize. – Dr. Kennedy