Resources for graduate students

UVic has a wide array of services available to help graduate students succeed in their programs. The Faculty of Graduate Studies maintains a comprehensive list of services and resources on its website.

Three key players are responsible for ensuring the success of graduate students at UVic—the academic unit (department or school) offering the program, the Faculty of Graduate Studies' Dean’s Office (FGS), and the office of Graduate Admissions and Records (GARO, which is part of the University Registrar’s office). Each has specific responsibilities.

The graduate advisor in the department or school offering the program and the student's thesis supervisor (in the case of thesis-based degrees) are key points of contact for each student.

Department and school graduate advisors normally chair admissions committees, help students plan programs and meet program requirements, and serve as the first point of contact when issues arise.

For students in a thesis-based program, thesis supervisors provide intellectual guidance and serve as mentors. Supervisors' duties and responsibilities are outlined in a policy adopted by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

The Dean's Office in the Faculty of Graduate Studies is responsible for general policies and academic regulations for graduate studies and officially grants degrees while the departments and school within the Faculty of Social Sciences are responsible for the design and operation of specific graduate programs. See all policies and regulations on the Graduate Studies website.