Justin Walford

Justin Walford
General Manager, Canada
Icebreaker Merino Clothing Inc.

Sociology - BA (2004)

Justin spent a few years volunteering and working in the wilderness after graduating almost ten years ago. When he decided it was time to find a ‘real’ job, he discovered that North Vancouver company Genuine Guide Gear (G3) was looking for some seasonal help in Customer Service. He spent four years at G3, working over the next four years from the bottom rung on the Customer Service ladder up to being their Operations Manager. He began working at Icebreaker Merino Clothing in 2010, also in operations management, and accepted the role of Canadian General Manager in 2012.

Hard work is your best opportunity for advancement. When I completed university, I was paralyzed by the boundless opportunity to do anything I believed was ‘good work’. I turned to the wilderness for guidance while working at MEC, and then left for India. I returned from a 6-month volunteer program with Initiatives of Change, and took the first job I could see myself doing that involved sitting at a desk. Then, I worked as hard as I possibly could, applying everything I learned while at UVic, traveling, and from my mentors. I declined a few opportunities to take MBAs, as my mentors consistently convinced me I could learn more on the job and through the new opportunities which continued to come my way. And that, along with a lot of luck and some great advice, has made all the difference.