Renay Maurice

Renay Maurice
Information Architect
Province of British Columbia

Sociology & Women's Studies - BA (2015)

After completing her undergraduate degree at UVic, Renay gained employment with the B.C. Government as an Information Architect. She is part of a business transformation team working to deliver user-friendly online services to citizens - a task that involves design thinking and human-centered research. Renay is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Sociology at UVic. As a feminist sociologist, she examines how social processes, identity factors, power and policy intersect.

My undergraduate degree in sociology and women's studies gave me the analytic tools to see how macro structures influence individuals and groups and taught me to use qualitative and quantitative methods and deliver my work in professional formats. I had the opportunity to do fieldwork, facilitate discussions and read innovative works, including works by women of colour and Indigenous scholars. I was challenged to think intersectionally and act inclusively. These skills not only got me in the door at government, they make me a better public servant.