Visual media labs

Visual media labs

Our visual media labs in combination with our visual anthropology course offerings make UVic a premier institution for the study of visual culture and the production of research based media and art.

The labs are dynamic and creative environments where students and faculty work on individual as well as collaborative visual and arts-based research. It has two fully equipped spaces to support traditional and creative research by both students and faculty.

Visual teaching lab

The Visual Teaching Lab provides an innovative space to explore, research and experiment with photography, video and sound recordings. Students and faculty members can use the facility and equipment to record, edit and produce videos, films, and soundscapes.

The lab supports both undergraduate and graduate learning in the areas of visual anthropology, sound (ANTH 303), and applied ethnographic film (ANTH 409).

It is equipped with Mac computer work stations, video data projector for film screening, as well as individual and group work spaces for project production. Video cameras are available for student and faculty use through this lab.

Visual research lab


The Visual Research lab supports the work of graduate students, faculty, and post docs who produce visual media as part of their research, or conduct research on existing art and media.

This lab is equipped with Mac computers for new media and editing, scanning equipment, video and sound recording units, a soundproof room for audio work, large surfaces for analyzing 2-D imagery, and flat storage for large pieces of work.

Project work space in the visual research lab is available on a rotating basis for faculty and students and post docs engaged in visual research and media production.

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