Starnita Nyce

Starnita Nyce

MA student


Andrea N. Walsh


Visual anthropology and materiality

My name is Starnita Nyce. My traditional Nisg̱a'a name is Sag̱a Likst'aam̓ Bil̓ist. I come from the Haida Naikun Qiigawaay Raven Clan. I am from the village of Gitwinksihlkw. I am Haida, Nisg̱a'a and Tsimshian. I would like to acknowledge the land of the L’wkungen and W̱SÁNEĆ peoples whose territory I am very grateful to be studying on.

I completed my BA in First Nations Studies at Wilp Wilx̱o'oskw Nisg̱a'a Institute (WWNI) in three years. WWNI is a post-secondary institution affiliated with the University of Northern British Columbia.

I am very passionate about learning the Nisga’a language. During my undergrad, I worked three years on the FirstVoices App for learning the Nisga’a language. I recorded Nisga’a elders and fluent speakers and did photography for the Nisga’a app.

In November 2020, I was asked to be a substitute instructor for 2 language classes at WWNI for the Fall 2020 semester. In the Winter and Summer Semester of 2021, I was a teaching assistant for the Nisga’a language classes.

I had a lot of fun teaching the students and helping them become more fluent in Nisga’a. I thank WWNI for the opportunity to learn and help contribute to the teachings of the Nisga’a language.

At UVic, with the help of Dr. Andrea Walsh, I plan to study language resurgence and visuality.

Photo Credit: Honeybee Photography