Allison Neterer

Allison Neterer

MA student


Quentin Mackie


Evolution and ecology
Space, place, knowledge and power

I received my undergraduate degree in Philosophy and Classical Studies with a minor in Archaeology from University of Idaho in 2009.  My first job was in an archaeology lab cataloguing Idaho’s largest archaeological excavation, a late 1800’s historic site in Sandpoint, Idaho.  I interned as lead diver on a project surveying for a late 1600’s Spanish Manilla Galleon known as the Beeswax Wreck off the coast of Oregon in 2013, and also worked on an underwater CRM survey on the Seattle waterfront.  After 2013 I returned home to Alaska and began a career in Alaskan Cultural Resource Management. I’ve worked north of the Arctic Circle in Coldfoot, AK, as well as in Fairbanks, Anchorage, on the Kenai and finally closer to home in Southeast Alaska.  Most recently I worked for the US Forest Service on Prince of Wales Island, utilizing paleo shoreline modeling to predict the elevations of Pleistocene era shorelines in SE Alaska to test for sites from that time period.

My research interest lies in the Late Pleistocene and Early Holocene time periods of migration and the peopling of the Americas.  I’m interested in utilizing site formation models and paleo environmental reconstruction to identify and test high potential ancient tidelines in search of cultural evidence.