Kai Michaluk

Kai Michaluk

MA student


Helen Kurki


Evolution and ecology

I grew up in a small town in Manitoba and escaped the cold of the prairies for the warmer and greener pastures of British Columbia. Here, I first I attended Camosun College for a year and then completed the rest of my degree at the University of Victoria. In June of 2019 I graduated with distinction with a BAH in Anthropology.

My areas of interest are human osteology (particularly with juvenile remains), and Mediterranean archaeology. I have participated in two seasons of archaeological excavation in Spain, and one in Greece. My undergraduate honours thesis was focused on the comparison of dental and skeletal ages from a sample of 3rd to 5th century AD Roman children derived from the Iberian Peninsula.

For my graduate studies, I am interested in further exploring the utilization of stress markers on osteological material in order to gain a better understanding of the overall health of individuals from the past.