Potira Faria

Potira Faria

MA student


Margo L. Matwychuk


Culture, health and inequality
Visual anthropology and materiality

Olá! I’m Potira and I was born and raised in Brazil. My mother’s side of the family comes from a traditional rural community and my father comes from an urban area.

I completed my Anthropology Bachelor's in 2020 at Federal Fluminense University in Niterói in the state of Rio de Janeiro. During my studies I met a variety of researchers: At an art festival, a supermarket, traditional territory, and at a school for people with visual impairment. Through these four years studying at a public institution, I always questioned the importance of academic knowledge (conceiving as one way of knowledge above many) and how, as intellectuals, we could enlarge the access of our researchers.

Based on that, in my undergrad thesis, I decided to pursue the relation between people with visual impairment and images. As a return to the field, I was going to embroidery their personal’s archives photographs to be accessible throw touching. But unfortunately, this was not possible because COVId happened. Above that, the embroidery became a methodology to approach their perception as well as comprehend their uses of tact.

In my MA research, with Margo Matwychuk as supervisor, I will keep my undergraduate investigation and having the opportunity to be overseas, to delve into how accessibility happens in reality in Lekwungen territory. Beyond that, I will make partnerships with local artists to do embroidery workshops for people with visual impairment. In short, follow the lines of life, people, and needles.

Apart from my research, I shoot some analog photographs, biking, cook, and stretch.