Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown

PhD student


April Nowell


Evolution and ecology

My journey into anthropology started during my undergraduate studies in Cambridge where I earned a bachelors degree in medical science and biological anthropology. During this time I discovered my keen interest in human cognitive evolution, specifically the evolution of language, and its role in behavioural modernity. Since graduating from the University of Cambridge I have completed a post-graduate certificate in clinical trials from the University of Edinburgh and last year completed my masters degree in anthropology at the University of Liverpool.

I am a PhD student with Dr. April Nowell. My research focus is on the genetic basis for the evolution of language. For my thesis I plan to involve in both modern and ancient DNA combined with non-genetic evidence to perform an overall evaluation of the evidence on language evolution and its role in the idea of behavioural modernity. I have previously explored this topic by looking at genes involved in language deficits in modern humans and extremes of language ability as targets for genes crucial for language, which is something I want to expand on further in my time at Uvic.