Marion Selfridge

Marion Selfridge

Interdisciplinary PhD student


Lisa M. Mitchell


Inequality, culture and health

Marion Selfridge, MSW, is a third year PhD student in the Social Dimensions of Health program at the University of Victoria. Her dissertation research focuses on street-involved youth’s use of social media to deal with grief and loss. For 5 years Marion was a medical social worker at the Victoria Youth Clinic, a drop in clinic for youth that provides food, access to resources and harm-reduction medical care. She has worked with many youth, including youth who, for a variety of reasons, live close to or on the streets. The life stories that they have been so generous in sharing with her have inspired her to come back to school to make sense of how youth end up marginalized and in severe poverty, how they care for themselves and each other. Presently she works as a research assistant on Lisa Mitchell’s collaborative research project called More Than One Street that foregrounds the experiential knowledge of youth who know the street in research and dissemination.  She also works on EQUIP, a UBC nursing project that is focused on bettering primary health care for populations often considered marginalized and as a study coordinator on an HIV drug trial through Cool Aid Community Health Centre. She teaches dance to stay sane and get through grad school.