John Murray

John Murray

MA student


April Nowell


Evolution and ecology

John Murray is an MA student under the supervision of Dr. April Nowell at the University of Victoria. He received his BA in Anthropology from Stony Brook University and is currently working towards a Graduate Certificate in Geographic Information Systems at Johns Hopkins University. He has worked on Dr. Nowell’s Azraq Marshes Archaeological and Paleoecological Project (AMAPP) in Jordan for two field seasons.

John's research interests include the Paleolithic archaeology of the Levant, Africa, and East Asia, lithic analysis, hominin evolution and dispersal, Neanderthal and Homo sapiens interaction, experimental archaeology, and the use of GIS and remote sensing in archaeology. His MA research will involve experimental flintknapping and a use-wear analysis of the lithic assemblage from the Shishan Marsh in Azraq, Jordan. He hopes this research will help shed light on the ecological and geographical context for Pleistocene hominin toolmaking in the Levant.