Meaghan Efford

Meaghan Efford

MA student


Iain McKechnie


Evolution and ecology
Space, place, knowledge and power

Meaghan is a graduate student working under Dr. Iain McKechnie. She completed her undergraduate degree at UVic and has been working as a subcontractor and a volunteer in archaeological work for the past year. Her research focuses on shellfish archaeology in Barkley Sound, BC, specifically looking at the dietary role of gooseneck barnacles using a combination of midden samples, oral historical accounts, and modern fisheries and consumption. Meaghan will be combining archaeological, ethnographic, and ecological research methods with the hope of creating a profile of both past and present shellfish utilization by the Huu-ay-aht and Tseshaht First Nations.


Efford, Meaghan. 2016. The Implications of Thermogenic Modification for Anthropological Recovery of Burned Bone. Arbutus Review 7(1): 20-37.