Jeremy A. Beller

Jeremy A. Beller

PhD candidate


April Nowell


Evolution and ecology

Jeremy is a current Ph.D. candidate and SSHRC scholarship recipient in the Department of Anthropology at UVic. His doctoral research focuses on the survival and adaptation of Middle Pleistocene hominins at a desert refugium in the Azraq Basin, Jordan, as part of the project. In specific, he is investigating hominin resource procurement strategies during periods of environmental stress and water scarcity through a geochemical analysis of lithic artifacts and a reconstruction of the paleo-landscape.

In addition, Jeremy holds a BA and MA in Anthropology from the University of Manitoba, specializing in Near Eastern Archaeology. His MA research investigated the artifact technology and exchange networks of the Early Bronze Age Canaanites and how these contributed to the formation and maintenance of complex societies in the Levant. During the Fall 2018 term, Jeremy is teaching ANTH 392: Geoarchaeology.

Within Anthropology, Jeremy’s areas of research include Near Eastern and Levantine archaeology, hominin evolution, artifact technology, mortuary practices, and geoarchaeology. As such, he has had the opportunity to analyze material from many countries, including Canada, Israel, Turkey, Jordan, and South Africa.