Formula Sheet Accommodation

What is a Formula Sheet?

A formula sheet is intended to prompt a response to a question that the student has studied but may have difficulty recalling due to sequencing deficits.  

  • It is not intended to provide the student with the answer.
  • It should not contain a synopsis of course material, but rather mnemonics and formulas that would enable the student to solve the problem.
  • If the student does not know the course material, the formula sheet will not be beneficial.

At the discretion of the instructor, formula sheets may or may not include the use of:

  • formulae
  • acronyms
  • schematic diagrams
  • tables
  • charts

If remembering the information on the formula sheet is deemed to be an essential learning objective or outcome of the course, it should not be allowed. For example, if the learning objective or outcome of the course is to know the formula, it should not be allowed on the aid sheet; however, if the learning objective or outcome of the course is to demonstrate the ability to apply the formula, then it could be allowed on the formula sheet.

Who has a formula sheet accommodation?

Students with documented disabilities characterized by significant deficits in rote memory, sequencing memory for formulae, working memory and/or long-term memory.  

Instructor responsibilities

If an instructor approves a formula sheet for an exam, the instructor must attach it with the exam  or email it directly to 

Formula sheets that are not provided in these ways will not be given to your student(s).

The formula sheet will be returned with the completed test or exam.