Writing at the CAL Exam Centre

Please familiarize yourself with the following rules before your assessment in the CAL Exam Centre. If you have any questions, please contact the CAL Exam Centre at or 250-472-4087.

Before your assessment

  • Arrive on time and be fully prepared to start your assessment. If you feel too unwell to write your exam, you must speak directly to your instructor prior to the exam if possible.
  • Bring all allowable material with you (formula sheet, calculator, dictionary, textbook, etc.).
  • Prior to your assessment, ensure you stow away all belongings including all bags, wallets, outerwear, and personal belongings. Phones and electronic devices are not permitted in the assessment rooms. Devices must also be turned off before being stowed away.
  • Before entering your assessment room, CAL Exam Centre staff will speak to you about what you are allowed to bring into the room. You must know which materials (if any) are permitted by your instructor, and show those materials before entering the assessment room.
  • Ensure you have access to a clock, understand your time limit, and that all your requested accommodations are in place.
  • Read the front page of your exam and ensure that:
    • You have been given the correct exam – check course name and number
    • The exam is complete – number of pages, formula sheets, etc
    • You follow the instructions with regard to completing the exam
  • Speak to the Exam Supervisor immediately if you have any questions or concerns

During your assessment

  • CAL Exam Centre staff will make frequent, random checks of assessment rooms and washrooms.
  • Cheating is not tolerated and will be subject to disciplinary processes outlined in UVic’s Policy on Academic Integrity.
  • If you have a computer accommodation, work within your document set up by CAL staff. The use of any other function or program requires advanced written authorization from your instructor.
  • If you are using a CAL computer, always save your work regularly during the assessment.
  • Booklets and bubble sheets must be completed during the allotted assessment time. Extra time will not be given at the end of an assessment for this purpose.
  • If you have any questions during the assessment, please inform CAL Exam Centre staff who will try to contact your instructor. Some instructors cannot be reached, or do not answer questions during assessments.

After your assessment

  •  An Exam Supervisor will let you know when your assessment time is up.
  • You must submit all exam materials when the assessment time ends (assessment paper, scrap paper, booklets, bubble sheets, etc.).
  • You may not take anything from the CAL assessment room without written permission from your instructor.