University exams (for students)

image of students writing exams at CAL
students writing exams in CAL exam centre

University exams for CAL students

CAL provides a professionally invigilated exam centre where students with exam-related accommodations can write tests and exams.

The accommodated exam process is initiated by each student registered with CAL through the online student services exam booking system.   

Go to the Online student services to:

  • Share your letter of accommodation with your instructor
  • Make test and exam bookings
  • View your schedule of booked tests/exams for location details and updates

For answers about how to use online student services to release your letters and book tests and exams, click here

You can also view text and video tutorials showing you how to use the online exam booking system.

Exam Office Contacts:

Janis Stewart, Exams Office Supervisor:


Rose Babcock, Exam Coordinator: