Frequently Asked Questions

Current Students

How do I book an appointment with my advisor?

Contact the Front Desk at or 250-472-4947 and request an appointment with your advisor. Due to physical distancing requirements, all appointments are being held remotely, either over the phone or through Microsoft Teams video.

How can I get a copy of my accommodation letter?

Log in to CAL Online Student Services. Select “Share my letters with instructors” and go to the accommodations page. Once you have sent your letters to your instructors, there is an option called “Get letter.” Clicking this button will automatically download a PDF of your accommodation letter for the specified course.

How can I request a copy of my documentation that you have on file for me?

Contact the Front Desk at or 250-472-4947 to make your request.

As a CAL registered student, can I take a reduced course load and maintain full-time status?

Yes, and you can learn more on our academic accommodations page.

Can you help me register for courses, or offer advice on what courses I should take?

Our advisors may be able to offer advice around course load inquiries, but they are not able to help you with course registration or academic program course requirements. You should meet with an adviser in Academic Advising. Your academic adviser will depend on your faculty of study. You can find your academic adviser in the undergraduate adviser directory or the graduate adviser directory.

Does my CAL registration status expire?

Once you are registered with the CAL, you are registered for the entirety of your time at UVic. If you were assigned interim accommodations with an expiry date, you will need to provide additional medical documentation to remove the expiry date. You should discuss this with your CAL advisor.

I am already registered with the CAL, and I have updated documentation to submit. Who should I send this to?

a. Email an electronic copy of your documentation to If you are looking to update your accommodation plan, the Front Desk staff can book you an appointment to discuss this with your advisor.

Graduate Students

As a CAL registered graduate student, can I take a reduced course load?

Yes. CAL registered students qualify for part-time registration in candidacy and thesis/dissertation. You can take courses on a part-time basis and be levied part-time fee installments. More information can be found in the Graduate Calendar.

As a CAL registered graduate student, can I still qualify for the GSS extended health and dental plan if I am taking a reduced course load?

Graduate students are still eligible for the GSS extended health and dental plan if they are taking 1.5 units. Students who are enrolled in fewer than 3.0 units will not be assessed automatically for the insurance plans, so you have to submit an opt-in form.

Contact the CAL at or 250-472-4947 and request a reduced course load letter. Contact the Health and Dental Plan Coordinator at to request the opt-in option, and forward them your reduced course load letter.

As a CAL registered graduate student, can I opt out of the bus pass?

Yes – information on the opt-out form can be found on the GSS UPASS page.

Online Exams

If you need help we have a list of tips of reminders for online exams (PDF 158 KB). You can also contact the CAL Front Desk at or 250-472-4947.

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