About CAL

The Centre for Accessible Learning is part of UVic’s Division of Student Affairs. We work with faculty and students to promote educational equity and accessibility for students with disabilities. We support students in achieving academic goals.

Our team provides programs and coordinates academic accommodations for students. We also act as consultants to faculty and work with the university community to help create a more accessible learning environment.

We support the principles of universal design, which is the process of creating environments that are usable and accessible to people with a wide range of abilities. Applying these principles minimizes the need for individual adaptations or accommodations.

For the purposes of accessing CAL programs and supports, a disability includes any long-term or recurring physical, mental, sensory, psychiatric or learning disability that affects a student's performance in an academic setting.

Meet the team

Rose Babcock

Coordinator of Accommodated Exams
Madeleine Lacerte

Program and Office Administrator/Exam Supervisor
Debbie Wei

Coordinator, Alternative Format Text Program
Trish Minor

Coordinator, Learning Programs
Robyn Guenette

Administrative Assistant and Exam Supervisor
Sarah Pitman

Administrative Coordinator, Learning Assistance Program
Janis Stewart

Supervisor of Exam and Administrative Staff
Charlie Watson

Coordinator of Adaptive Technology and Student Information
Leann Finlay

Advisor, Learning Disabilities
Dawn Sharcott

Coordinator of Interpreting and Transcribing Services