University of British Columbia (UBC)

  • Required: Minimum three years (45.0 units) of pre-professional study
  • Study for: Four years
  • Degree awarded: Doctor of Medicine (MD)

The MD program is based on a distributed model of education and is comprised of four geographically distinct sites including the Island Medical Program (IMP), Northern Medical Program (NMP), Vancouver Fraser Medical Program (VFMP), and the Southern Medical Program (SMP). To learn more about the IMP, which distribute UBC's MD Undergraduate Program at the University of Victoria, please visit the IMP websiste. For more information on the other distributed sites, Please visit the MD Undergraduate Program website.

Admission and program requirements

Courses in biology, chemistry and biochemistry are strongly recommended but are not required for application. All applicants are expected to demonstrate proficiency in these areas through coursework and/or MCAT scores. Courses in physics, statistics and the social sciences are also recommended as general preparation for the MCAT and for medical school.

A minimum academic standing of 75% for BC applicants and 85% (based on the adjusted academic average, if applicable) for out-of-province applicants is required

Required courses

Any two of ATWP/ENGL 135, ENGL 113, 125, 146, or 147; ENGR 110 will be accepted for half of the requirement.

Strongly recommended Courses

UVic courses Prerequisites
BIOL 186184 Biology 11 or 12 (Note 1)
CHEM 101 & 102 Chemistry 11 or 12 (Note 2)and
Mathematics 12
CHEM 231 CHEM 101
CHEM 232 CHEM 231
BIOC 300A & 300B BIOL 225, CHEM 231, and CHEM 232.Minimum "C+"
grades recommended. CHEM 213 recommended

Note 1: Chemistry 11 or 12 is strongly recommended for BIOL 186.
Note 2: Students lacking Chemistry 12 must also enroll in CHEM 091.

Recommended Courses

Coursework in Physics, Statistics and the Social Sciences are also recommended.

MCAT preparation

Courses in Biology, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Physics, Pyschology, Sociology, Biochemistry, and Statistics are recommended for MCAT preparation. The Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section of the MCAT reflects the fact that medical schools want well-rounded applicants from a variety of backgrounds.  Please review the MCAT requirement section of the UBC Admissions site for more information.

UVic Bachelor of Science degree program

Though a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) is not required for applicaiton, some students choose to take the MD program's strongly recommended  and recommended courses through a B.SC degree program. Note that most Bachelor of Science degree programs at UVic normally require the completion of 3.0 units of first year mathematics (including at least one term of calculus) and 3.0 units of first year physics.

Contact information

Jessica Skelton
Island Medical Program
Medical Services Building, Room 224
University of Victoria
Victoria, BC V8P 5C2

MD Undergraduate Admissions
Faculty of Medicine, Dean's Office
University of British Columbia
317-2194 Health Sciences Mall
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z3

Additional resources

Association of Faculties of Medicine of Canada
2733 Lancaster R., Suite 100
Ottawa, ON K1B 0A9

Association of American Medical Colleges
655 K Street NW, Suite 100
Washington, DC 20001-2399

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