Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College

  • Required: Three years (45.0 units) pre-professional study
  • Study for: Four years at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
  • Degree awarded: Doctor of Chiropractic (DC)

Admission requirements

To be eligible for admission, candidates must complete at least three full years of post-secondary study (45.0 units of coursework), including the necessary prerequisite courses, and have:

  • a minimum overall average of 2.5/4.0 (on the CMCC scale) on the last three full years of undergraduate coursework.
  • a sufficient university level course in English

Although it is not required, it is recommended that applicants have a science background. Suggested courses include organic chemistry with labs, biology with labs, psychology, humanities and/or social sciences, and physical education.

Recommended courses

UVic courses Prerequisites
BIOL 186 & 184 Biology 11 or 12 (Note 1)
CHEM 101 & 102 Chemistry 11 or 12 (Note 2) and
Mathematics 12
PSYC 100A & 100B
EPHE 141
CHEM 231 CHEM 101
CHEM 232 CHEM 231
EPHE 241 EPHE 141
EPHE 242 BIOL 186

Note 1: Chemistry 11 or 12 is strongly recommended for BIOL 186.
Note 2: Students lacking Chemistry 12 must also enroll in CHEM 091.

Contact information

Admissions Office
Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
6100 Leslie Street
Toronto, ON M2H 3J1

Please note: This information is provided as a planning tool only. Requirements change from year to year and while every effort has been made to ensure accuracy, in all cases the information provided by the institution offering the program in question should be considered the authority.