Humanities electives

The following list of courses includes those suitable for first- and second-year students in the Faculty of Humanities, sorted by theme. These courses either do not require you to take any pre-requisite courses to register or may be taken without those pre-requisites if you obtain permission from the department.

Not all courses are offered in each term, so once you've found courses that interest you, check the academic calendar to confirm when each course will be offered for the upcoming session.

Ancient civilizations and societies

Big Books




Genocide and Human Rights

Global Development

Health and Sexuality

The History and Science of Language

Human Connections and Cultures

Indigenous Cultures, Histories and Languages

Knowledge and Big ideas

(Please contact Departments for Advanced Courses)

Law and Justice

Media, Film and Sound

Propaganda, Myth, Speculation, Fantasy


Social Justice

Societies and How They Work

War and Conflict

Workplace Skills

Writing and Critical Thinking