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Libraries, University Librarian's Office (LADM)

Libraries, University Librarian's Office
University of Victoria
Mearns Centre / Mcpherson Library 417
Libraries, University Librarian's Office
4th Floor, Room 417
Mearns Centre / McPherson Library
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Libraries, University Librarian's Office
Mearns Centre / McPherson Library
PO Box 1800
Victoria, BC
V8W 3H5
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

University Librarian's Office

University Librarian Jonathan Bengtson 250-721-8211 LIB 411
Executive Assistant to University Librarian Kaelan Smith 250-721-8211 LIB 417
Administrative Officer/Building Administrator Louise Labonte 250-721-6092 LIB 409
Associate University Librarian, Collections & Open Scholarship Lisa Petrachenko 250-721-824 LIB 410
Administrative Assistant to AUL, Collections & Open Scholarship Cathrine Jansen 250-472-4989 LIB 417
Associate University Librarian, Reconciliation Ry Moran 250-721-8269 LIB 405
Administrative Assistant to AUL, Reconciliation Molly Hanley 250-721-8269 LIB 417
Digital Production Coordinator, Reconciliation Karina Greenwood 250-472-5068 LIB 417
Communications Officer Lisa Abram 250-853-3612 LIB 406
Grants and Awards Librarian Christine Walde 250-853-3613 LIB 404
KULA Co-Editor-in-Chief Samantha MacFarlane 250-472-4517 LIB 408
Web and User Experience Assistant Artie Goshulak 250-721-7536 LIB 407
Fax Number 250-721-8215
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Lisa Abram 250-853-3612 (campus local: 3612)
Jonathan Bengtson 250-721-8211 (campus local: 8211)
Karina Greenwood
Louise Labonte 250-721-6092 (campus local: 6092)
Ry Moran
Kaelan Smith
Christine Walde 250-853-3613 (campus local: 3613)