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Budget & Capital Planning (BUDG)

Budget & Capital Planning
University of Victoria
Michael Williams Building A212
Budget & Capital Planning
3800 Finnerty Road
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
Budget & Capital Planning
PO Box 1700
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
Associate Vice-President Financial Planning Andrew Coward 250-721-7037 MWB A213
Director of Budgets Kathleen Sobie 250-721-6676 MWB A215
Financial Planning Analyst Tanya Morris 250-472-4405 MWB A216
Financial Planning Analyst Mundeep Grewall 250-721-7027 MWB A212
Budget Associate Gabe Ho 250-472-5847 MWB A212
Director of Campus Planning Michael Wilson 250-472-5433 MWB B260
Acting Manager, Sustainability Kylie Hissa 250-472-5551 MWB B260
Campus Planner Juliet Van Vliet 250-853-3754 MWB B260
Campus Planner Alannah Rodgers MWB B260
Sustainability Coordinator Claire Irvine 250-721-6678 MWB B260
Sustainability Coordinator Kimiko West 250-853-3758 MWB B260
Treasurer Raymond Aoki MWB A212
Manager, Risk, Insurance & Continuity Planning Ben McAllister 250-853-3759 MWB A205
Risk Analyst Stephanie Smith 250-853-3100 MWB A212
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Lisa Adamschek 250-721-8824 (campus local: 8824)
Caroline Ames 250-472-5348 (campus local: 5348)
Deborah Campbell
Andrew Coward 250-721-7037 (campus local: 7037)
Jackie Evans 250-472-4356 (campus local: 4356)
Mundeep Grewall
Tory Hastings 250-721-6648 (campus local: 6648)
Danying He 250-721-7035 (campus local: 7035)
Kylie Hissa 250-472-5551 (campus local: 5551)
Gabe Ho
Claire Irvine 250-721-6678 (campus local: 6678)
Samantha Knudson
Michael Kravec 250-721-7026 (campus local: 7026)
Rhonda Ljunggren 250-721-7018 (campus local: 7018)
Estela Majano
Tamara Moore 250-721-7633 (campus local: 7633)
Tanya Morris 250-472-4405 (campus local: 4405)
Spencer Percy 250-472-5987 (campus local: 5987)
Judith Prado-Gomez
Brandon Reynolds
Alannah Rodgers
Kathleen Sobie 250-721-6676 (campus local: 6676)
Kelsey Topola
Juliet Van Vliet 250-853-3754 (campus local: 3754)
Kimiko West 250-882-9089
Mike Wilson 250-472-5433 (campus local: 5433)