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Island Medical (IMPR)

Related departments: Division of Medical Sciences
Island Medical
University of Victoria
Medical Sciences Building
Island Medical
Island Medical Program
Medical Sciences Building
Room 104
3800 Finnerty Rd., UVic
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
Island Medical
Island Medical Program
University of Victoria
PO Box 1700 STN CSC
Victoria, BC
V8W 2Y2
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UVic Medical Sciences Building Reception:
Assistant to the Regional Associate Dean:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail

General Information

UVic Medical Sciences Building Reception Kaisha De Ochoa 250-472-5500 MSB 104
Communications / Admissions Officer Jessica Skelton 250-472-5527 MSB 120
RJH (hospital) Coronation Annex Reception 250-519-1825 RJH CA
VGH (hospital) Reception Luisa Halsall 250-370-8111 VGH 15584
CDH (hospital) ICC Stacey Taylor 250-737-2063 CDH
NRGH (hospital) Jo-anne Neustaedter 250-739-5971 NRGH 2063

Dean's Office

Regional Associate Dean, Vancouver Island Bruce Wright 250-472-5524 MSB 104
Assistant to the Regional Associate Dean Kyla Patterson 250-472-5524 MSB 104
Interim Administrative Director Lynne Fisher 250-472-5511 MSB 104a
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Kelly Arason 250-472-5508 (campus local: 5508)
Laura Arbour 250-472-5544 (campus local: 5544)
Karen Basi-Primeau
Fraser Black 472-550-9
Aldyth Booton
Gisele Bourgeois-Law
Sonia Brar
Kim Brodie 250-589-4416
Craig Brown 250-853-3733 (campus local: 3733)
Dave Cerilli 250-472-4688 (campus local: 4688)
Pallavi Chavan 250-472-5541 (campus local: 5541)
Emily Chomyn
Brian Christie 250-472-4244 (campus local: 4244)
Jesse Culp
Kaisha De Ochoa 250-472-5500 (campus local: 5500)
Roberta Eckard 250-721-7206 (campus local: 7206)
Waheeda Esmail 250-472-5511 (campus local: 5511)
Laura Farrell
Lynne Fisher 250-519-1827
Jane Gair 250-472-5543 (campus local: 5543)
Niobe Getty 250-721-7224 (campus local: 7224)
Joana Gil-Mohapel
Eleanor Good
Alison Gregson
Luisa Halsall
Lauren Jerke
Jeffrey Knight
Chii Kong
Sarah Lambert
Kun Liu 250-721-7479 (campus local: 7479)
Jennifer MacMillan 250-472-5507 (campus local: 5507)
Kurt McBurney 250-472-5536 (campus local: 5536)
Sarah McIntosh
Jo-Anne Neustaedter
Sara Ohora
Kyla Patterson 250-472-5524 (campus local: 5524)
Morgan Price
Michael Quan 250-853-3792 (campus local: 3792)
Elana Richard 250-370-8111
Christy Schwarz 250-472-5523 (campus local: 5523)
Michelle Sjostrom
Jessica Skelton
Monika Spence
Kristen Stanbridge
Ian Thompson
Marie-Eve Tremblay
Bruce Wright
Taimei Yang
Adrian Yee
Helena Zhang

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