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UVic Students' Society (ALMA)

UVic Students' Society
University of Victoria
Student Union Building
UVic Students' Society
3800 Finnerty Road (Ring Road)
Victoria, BC
V8P 5C2
UVic Students' Society
University of Victoria
PO Box 3035
Victoria, BC
V8W 3P3
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Department Listings:

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Group/Position Name Telephone Office E-mail
UVSS General Manager Dale Robertson 250-721-8350 SUB B128a
UVSS Executive Director Charlene Campo 250-721-6199 SUB B128c
UVSS Administration and Services Manager Amanda Macpherson 250-472-5217 SUB 118
SUB General Office Manager Terri Tan 250-472-4317 SUB B128
Info Booth/Services Coordinator Renee Burford 250-721-8355 SUB A112
FAX 250-472-4851

UVSS Board of Directors

Director of Outreach & University Relations Ton Tran 250-721-8370 SUB B103d
Director of Campaigns & Community Relations Izzy Adachi 250-721-8366 SUB B103f
Director of Student Affairs Deborah Berman 250-721-8367 SUB B103c
Director of Finance & Operations Lane O'Hara Cooke 250-472-4288 SUB B103g
Director of Events Amber Powell 250-721-8369 SUB B103b
Director of International Students Relations Adam Choi
Research and Communications Manager Mary Narvasa 250-721-8368 SUB B103e
Outreach & Communications Officer Deepkushi Baidwan 250-721-6322 SUB B103e
External Relations Officer Sarthak Chugh 250-721-6322 SUB B103e

Beverage Services

FELICITA'S - Campus Pub 250-721-8626 SUB A131
Felicita's Manager Roger Kwan 250-721-8362 SUB A132

CINECENTA Movie Theater

Cinecenta 24hr Film Information Line 250-721-8365 SUB B146
Cinecenta Manager Lisa Sheppard 250-721-8364 SUB B131
Cinecenta Programmer Amy Anderson 250-721-8972 SUB B131

SUBtext - Consignment Bookstore

Subtext Manager Allison McFarland 250-472-4227 SUB A124a
Subtext Orders 250-721-8810 SUB A124 subbooks@uvic.a

Zap Copy

Zap Copy Manager Brydon Sudds 250-721-6260 SUB A108a
Zap General Inquiries 250-721-8805 SUB A108
Zap Fax Number 250-721-8728 SUB A108

Food Services Division

Food Services Manager Brad Mielke 250-472-4396 SUB A148
Purchasing Agent Phil Bramhill 250-721-6512 SUB A152

UVSS Catering and Conferences Department

Catering and Conferences Manager Erika MacTavish 250-721-6243 SUB B207
Catering and Conference Coordinator Alex Rufo 250-721-6243 SUB B207
FAX 250-472-5387 SUB B207


Manager, Accounting & Payroll John McKinnon 250-721-8356 SUB B130
Accounting Technician Jody Scown 250-721-8371 SUB B130


Graphics Art Director Brent Parrish 250-721-8354 SUB B109
Graphics Art Coordinator Leanne Weflen 250-721-8354 SUB B109
Graphics Marketing & Events Coordinator Rosanna Doller 250-721-8354 SUB B109

CFUV-FM 101.9 Radio

General Inquiries 250-721-8702 SUB B006
Station Manager 250-721-8607 SUB B006
Studio/Request Line 250-721-8700


General Inquiries 250-721-8360 SUB B011
Martlet Business Inquiries Mary MacLeod 250-721-8359 SUB B011
Martlet Editor In Chief Ashlee Levy 250-721-8361 SUB B011


Ombudsperson Annette O'Hara 250-721-8357 SUB B205
Gender Empowerment Centre 250-721-8353 SUB B107
UVic Pride 250-472-4393 SUB B010
Native Students' Union 250-472-4394 SUB B023
Students of Colour Collective 250-472-4697 SUB 122
Anti-Violence Project 250-472-4388 SUB B027
Society for Students with a Disability 250-472-5397 SUB B111
Campus Community Gardens 250-472-4386 SUB B020
Given Name Last Name Telephone E-mail
Carmen Barrett 250-472-4317 (campus local: 4317)
Charlene Campo
Amanda Macpherson
Dale Robertson 250-721-8350 (campus local: 8350)